Wake Up Little Jacob!

Wake Up Jacob (Wake Up Little Suzie)

Without a home Without a job His only blessing He had to rob

In the wilderness, at night time, alone Jacob's pillow was a stone He left his family in disgrace His brother dreamed of stomping his face

Now sleeping, dreaming What does he hear? Angels singing, down a Ladder, Singing loud, singing clear ...

Wake Up, Little Jacob, Wake Up! Wake Up, Little Jacob, Wake Up!

You THINK you're in trouble deep On a stone you have to sleep But angels are coming Down God’s Ladder they’re humming :-) On their harps they're strumming ...

Wake Up Little Jacob! Wake Up Little Jacob!

Now Jacob he half awoke An angel did him poke And then God to him spoke Jacob you're my favorite bloke :-)

Wake Up Little Jacob, Wake Up Little Jacob! Your God really cares! He’s at the top of the Stairs!

Based on Genesis 28:10-17

Pastor Arnold Brevick

Web Addict

First Presbyterian Church, North Port, FL (at night)

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