“Thoroughly Furnished”

Never, never neglect the Word of God.
The Word will make your heart rich with truth, rich withunderstanding, and then your conversation, when it flows fromyour mouth, will be like your heart– rich, soothing, and sweet.Make your heart full of rich, generous love, and then the streamthat flows from your hand will be just as rich and generous asyour heart.

Above all, get Jesus to live in your heart, and then out of yourheart shall flow rivers of living water, more rich, more satisfyingthan the water of the well of Sychar of which Jacob drank. Oh!go, Christian, to the great mine of riches, and cry to the HolySpirit to make your heart rich unto salvation. So shall your lifeand conversations be a boon to your fellow man; and when theysee you, your face will be like an angel of God. Wise men willstand up when they see you, and men will give you reverence.

-C.H. Spurgeon


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