Wakeup Jacob under the stars

Wake Up Little Jacob!

Wake Up Jacob (Wake Up Little Suzie)

Without a homeWithout a jobHis only blessingHe had to rob

In the wilderness, at night time, aloneJacob’s pillow was a stone He left his family in disgraceHis brother dreamed of stomping his face

Now sleeping, dreaming What does he hear?Angels singing, down a Ladder,Singing loud, singing clear …

Wake Up, Little Jacob, Wake Up!Wake Up, Little Jacob, Wake Up!

You THINK you’re in trouble deepOn a stone you have to sleepBut angels are comingDown God’s Ladder they’re humming :-)On their harps they’re strumming …

Wake Up Little Jacob!Wake Up Little Jacob!

Now Jacob he half awokeAn angel did him pokeAnd then God to him spokeJacob you’re my favorite bloke 🙂

Wake Up Little Jacob, Wake Up Little Jacob!Your God really cares! He’s at the top of the Stairs!

Based on Genesis 28:10-17

Pastor Arnold Brevick

Web Addict

First Presbyterian Church, North Port, FL (at night)

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