Among the gods

Who is Like Our God?

“The Holiness of God”
Exodus 15:11

I.A definition of God’s Holiness (Transcendence)
God excels all the false gods worshipped by a sinful world

II.God’s Holiness (Transcendence) demonstrated by comparison:
1.To the false god’s and powers of the Egyptians
A.These were the god’s of Moses’ age
B.God’s sovereignty demonstrated in His victory over the cobra, symbol of Egyptian sovereignty – Exodus 7:10-13
C.God’s turning the river (water) to blood, the Nile was the source of life, it’s supposed god’s were beaten – Exodus 7:17-25
The Nile was considered the LIFE of Egypt, they depended on it, like Israel depended on their God. They worship it, the crocodile was considered the symbol of the god of it’s waters. It is quite likely when the Hebrew babies were thrown into it they were eaten by it’s creatures – Exodus 1:22 They may have been considered offerings to this god.
D.The plague of frogs, frogs represented the spirit realm – Exodus 8:1-11; Revelation 16:13
E.The plague of Lice – Exodus 8:16-20 demonstrated the Hand of God
F.The plague of flies, flies were considered the servants of Beelzebub – Lord of the Flies – Exodus 8:20-32.
G.The plague killing cattle – Apis was the Egyptian god symbolized by the Bull – Exodus 9:1-7
H.Boils, the plague of boils was a direct attack on Egyptian medicine / magic – Exodus 9:8-12; see also Revelation 16:11
I.Hail – magicians and sorcerers in Egypt claimed power even over the weather – Exodus 9:22-35
J.Locusts – here God would MOST TOTALLY DEFEAT those gods and magicians of weather and agriculture – Exodus 10:1-20
K.Darkness – this was a direct attack on the Sun God Ra or Amun Ra, considered the greatest of the Egyptian gods – Exodus 10:21-29
L.Death of the Egyptian First Born, a dreadful death, the manner of which denied the Egyptian even the false hope of a blessed afterlife – Exodus 11-12

2.To the power of the Egyptian Army – Exodus 15

3.To the all powers of the creation itself (Under God’s Authority)

4.God is transcendently powerful even over the god’s of our own age

III.For this reason God is called:
1.Glorious in Holiness – a. weighty b. thrice Holy c. most truly His essence
2.Fearful in praises – a. terrifying b. awesome – worthy of the best praise / New Songs / Great heart and creativity
3.Doing wonders – a. Victory over Pharaoh was a wonder b. Christ’s victory over sin the Greatest Wonder

Pastor Arnold Brevick


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