Matthew 21:28

BUT for the gospel’s joyful sound,
Nor hope, or help had sinners found;
BUT for the sovereign grace of God
Our souls had persished by His rod.

BUT in His Word poor sinners view
A Savior faithful, just and true;
And all who know Him gladly own,
They have no trust but Him alone

BUT O let Christless sinners fear
In wickedness to persevere:
For if in sin their lives they spend,
Nothing but wrath can be their end.

BUT hark! The Scriptures thunder loud
Against the haughty and the proud;
The proud God never will endure,
BUT pride will make their ruin sure.

BUT let not hypocrites presume,
BUT know that dreadful day will come,
When God no longer will forbear,
BUT make their dark deceit appear.

BUT let the poor, awakened soul
BUT look to Christ, He’ll make them whole;
BUT never of His love despair,
BUT on Him wait, by faith and prayer.

BUT let believers gladly raise
To Jesus songs of grateful praise;
For, through His love, almighty King!
They’ve many glorious buts to sing.”

-Samuel Medley

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