Christ died for me

Christ Died For Me!

Christ died for meWorthy for unworthyChrist died for meWhen I loved Him leastChrist died for meRighteous for the sinnerChrist died for meCrowned with cruel thornsChrist died for meCrucified with robbersChrist died for meWhile they wagged their headsChrist died for meShouted at by mockersChrist died for meSuffering in my steadChrist died for meMy shame He carried upon HimChrist died for meFor my sins, every oneChrist died for meHe said, “Father forgive them”Christ died for meThough He was God’s own Son!Christ died for meMy sin slate is wiped clean!Christ died for meI am washed in Precious BloodChrist died for meI stand before the FatherChrist died for meI am clothed in whitest robesChrist died for meI need not tryto earn my way.He is the Waythe Truthand the Life!Christ died for meAs He said, “It is finished!”

Pastor Arnold Brevick