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Welcome to First Presbyterian

First Presbyterian Church in North Port, Florida, is member of the the Presbytery of Southwest Florida part of the Presbyterian Church in America. We believe that the Bible is the inerrant and infallible Word of God and hold to the system of doctrine summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Larger and Shorter Catechisms. We believe that Christ calls His church to faithfully preach and teach the Word of God, to observe Christ’s sacraments, to pray without ceasing, to enjoy godly fellowship, and to spread the Gospel both locally and to the very ends of the earth.

Please visit the new First Presbyterian Church website

The Book of Church Order

PCA Membership Vows

by Faith Online

M’Cheyne’s Calendar for Daily Bible Reading

Listen to the Reading of Scripture with the Audio Bible

Elder Ralph Gross’ Interview with World Magazine about Hurricane Charley

World Magazine

Schedule of Services

    Sunday School
    Approximately 12:15 PM noon (after the morning service)

    Sunday Morning Worship
    11:15 am
    Sermons and Sermon Outlines

    Sunday Evening Worship
    5:00 pm

    Sunday Service at the Pines
    2:00 pm

    Wednesday Morning Ladies Bible Study at the Pines 10:00 am

    Wednesday Evening Prayer
    7:00 pm

    Contact Information



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