Taking God’s Name in Vain

July 16, 2006
“Taking God’s Name in Vain”
Leviticus 24:10-16

I.Not taking the Lord’s Name in vain / is a command that goes against the grain –
1.A person’s heart is revealed by his or her mouth – Luke 6:45
2.By nature our hearts are evil, they are sources of evil for which our mouths are outlets – Matthew 15:17-19
3.Taking the Lord’s Name in vain comes naturally to a carnal mind – Romans 8:7
4.Our tongues can be exceedingly evil and deceitful –
What is it that makes “The Tongue” such a terrible monster?
A. We underestimate its power – James 3:3-5; Proverbs 18:21
B. Its destructive power is highly combustible – James 3:5
C. Its pedigree is from Hell – James 3:6; Romans 3:13
D. It is most untamable – James 3:8
E. It is highly unpredictable – James 3:9
F. It is grossly unnatural! – James 3:11

II.Yet, God created our tongues, to give Him glory – Revelation 4:11; Psalm 34:3
1.Glorifying God with our tongues comes through the power of the Spirit – Acts 10:45-47
2.We do this by singing – Psalm 40:2-3; 51:14-15; 60:30
3.We need to fill our hearts with the right stuff – Psalm 119:11; Philippians 4:8

III.Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain –
1.Goes against what should be first in our prayers – Matthew 6:9-10
2.Goes against the worth of Christ – Philippians 2:9-11
3.Goes against what should be the goal of all we do – 1 Corinthians 10:31

Pastor Arnold Brevick

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