Holy Spirit in Christ

The Holy Spirit’s Work in the Life of Jesus Christ

June 19, 2005
Morning Sermon Outline
“The Holy Spirit’s Work in the Life of Jesus Christ”
John 3:34

I.The Holy Spirit formed Christ’s human body in the womb of the virgin Mary – Luke 1:31 & :35
1.The conceiving of the body of our Lord Jesus Christ in the womb of Mary is mysterious
2.Scripture tells us this happened when the Holy Spirit came upon her and overshadowed her – Luke 1:35
3.The doctrine of Christ’s virgin’s birth is a litmus test for true Christianity

II.The Holy Spirit endowed Christ with all spiritual graces – Isaiah 11:1-3
1.It might seem there would be no need for this endowment, since Jesus was / is the eternal Son of God, yet in this Christ is an example to men
2.There seems to be such an endowment even before Christ starts His – Luke 2:41-50

III.The Holy Spirit anoints Jesus Christ at the beginning of His earthy ministry –
1.His title Christ (Messiah) means “The Anointed One” and refers to an anointing of the Holy Spirit – Isaiah 61:1-3; Matthew 3:16-17; John 1:29-34
2.The title “Christ” rolls into one the three anointed offices of the Old Testament:
A.Prophet – Acts 3:22
B.Priest – Hebrews 7:17 & :23-28
C.King – Revelation 17:14

IV.The Holy Spirit “led” our Lord Jesus Christ – Matthew 4:1

V.The Holy Spirit is the Power behind our Lord’s casting out of demons – Matthew 12:24-32

VI.The Holy Spirit “the Eternal Spirit” is the Power behind Christ’s taking up the cross as a Holy Sacrifice for our sins – Hebrews 9:13-14
1.It is to this purpose that Christ dedicates Himself, sanctifies Himself, gives Himself wholeheartedly – Hebrews 10:5-10; John 17:19
2.It was through the power of the Spirit Christ chose the will of the Father over His own in Gethsemane, perfecting Himself in obedience – Hebrews 5:7-9
3.By the words of Hebrews 9:14 we can assume that from start to finish Christ’s “work” on the cross was one He was inspired to and encouraged in by the Holy Spirit: All the Love, Righteous Zeal, Submission, Patience, Obedience to God, Faith, and Trust needed for such a work were supplied by the Holy Spirit!

VII.The Holy Spirit is the great Power behind Christ’s resurrection from the dead – Romans 8:11
1.This is our own hope for resurrection life – Romans 8:11
2.This is the most stupendous, wonderful, important act in the history of our world – 1 Corinthians 15:17

Application for Today

1.If the Holy Spirit’s presence was so important to Christ’s ministry, how much also is it important to ours?
2.See how Christ (though the God/Man) lived in dependence upon God’s Holy Spirit and take His example as one to inspire you to prayer and diligent study that you might know the Spirit’s power in your own life!
3.Since we are called to be conformed to Christ’s image (Romans 8:29) we should know that such a calling is impossible apart from the Fruit of the Spirit – Galatians 5:16-25

Pastor Arnold Brevick

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