Our Lord’s Supper

June 6, 2004
Morning Sermon Outline
“Our Lord’s Supper”
Matthew 26:17-30

I.We must understand Our Lord’s Supper in light of the Old Covenant Institution of the Passover:
1.Our Lord initiates His Supper during the Passover
2.Yet, we should not think of the Passover as “BEFORE” our Lord’s Death
3.The Passover points forward to Our Lord’s death on the cross
4.The Lord’s Supper memorializes it

II.We must understand Our Lord’s Supper in light of it’s most important elements
1.Bread – symbolizing Christ’s body, broken for us
2.Wine – symbolizing Christ’s blood, shed for us
3.Bread – a staple, showing the necessity of feeding upon Christ
4.Wine – a luxury, demonstrating the abundant life provided by Christ
5.These elements are simple, not magic in and of themselves, the power is in what they point to for us

III.We must understand Our Lord’s Supper in light of our own great needs
1.Sin is the great problem of all mankind
2.The Israelite’s bondage in Egypt pictures our own great bondage to sin
3.Each of us, unless we have trusted in Christ, are dead in trespasses and sins, we are due God’s wrath and curse
4.Christ, as the Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the world, is a sort of spiritual lightning rod for those who trust Him, absorbing the wrath and penalty we deserved
5.Our Lord’s Supper is Our Lord’s appointed way for us to remember and celebrate what He has accomplished for us

IV.How should we receive Our Lord’s Supper?
1.With a spirit of joy and thanksgiving – Our Lord’s Supper is first and foremost a celebration of what our Lord has done for us
2.With a spirit of self-search and confession of sin, asking our Lord to forgive our sins
3.With a spirit of Love and recommitment – if God so loved us, how much should we love Him in return?

V.Understanding the role of Judas Iscariot
1.He would sit at the table
2.He would betray Jesus with a kiss
3.Beware of doing the same
4.It would be better and safer, for now, simply to observe the Lord’s Supper than to partake of it with the wrong heart

Pastor Arnold Brevick

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